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The field of communication is open to the people: "China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, shocked: there is such a technology landing!" Yes, the high and new technology such as network telephone is not new in foreign countries. 2/3 of long-distance calls in Europe and the United States have been realized through VoIP technology. Some big telecom companies in the world, such as Telia, GTE, at & T, and Deutsche Telekom, have launched VoIP business in succession, and are sure that a lot of businesses will turn to VoIP network. In the next 5 years, the VoIP market will increase at a rate of 138. VoIP telephone, representing the important development direction of the future voice service, has vigorous vitality, and will become a major business bright spot in the future. From the beginning of a industry or from the deregulation of the government, an industry will undergo a process of evolution from growth to decline, which is called the life cycle of the industry. In general, the life cycle of the industry can be divided into childhood, growth, maturity and recession.



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