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Today, VoIP technology has been more and more commercially available. This paper first introduces the characteristics and development status of VoIP technology, analyzes the impact of P2P technology on VoIP technology, and the security technology in VoIP, SBC technology, and finally discusses some problems that need to be solved in VoIP business. Today, VoIP technology has been more mature, basically using two protocol groups: the H.323 series protocol proposed by ITU and the SIP protocol proposed by IETF. At present, H.323 is recommended as a complete proposal, provide centralized processing and management operation mechanism, the operation mechanism and the traditional telecom network management mode is corresponding, especially suitable for the construction of VoIP from the telephone to the telephone network, at present domestic open phone to phone VoIP network mainly uses H.323 protocol; session initiation protocol proposed by IETF (SIP), is mainly to solve the Internet multimedia conference online TV service, used to establish between hosts in the Internet session. The protocol is initially based on HTTP, and it follows the basic principles of Internet. The protocol is easy to expand, which is convenient for adding new businesses and has strong interoperability. SIP is a decentralized protocol that drives the complexity of network devices to the edge and requires a relatively intelligent terminal. The mature of VoIP technology also makes its application more extensive, thus the trend of fusion with the current new technology has emerged. This is mainly manifested in two aspects: VoIP and wireless integration, fusion including Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and other wireless access, and its application in 3G; VoIP and P2P fusion, distributed cyber source using P2P technology, the voice call connection rate, voice quality to a great extent even more than the traditional telephone network. In addition, in terms of security and quality of service, there are also applications of encryption, edge session processing, and so on.



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