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Article reproduced from the home network:

For us, the cost of a long distance call is still very high. So in the VoIP business, the most attractive is its low cost of the user. Then we will introduce the VoIP protocol, hope you can understand.

VoIP protocol

The VoIP protocol commonly used protocols, such as H.323, SIP, MEGACO and MGCP.

H.323 is a ITU-T standard, initially for the local area network (LAN) multimedia conference, and later extended to cover the VoIP.

This standard includes the point also includes a multipoint conference. On the point of communication

H.323 defines four logical components: terminal, gateway, gatekeeper and multipoint control unit (MCU).

Terminal, gateway and MCU were regarded as the end point. The session initiation protocol (SIP) is to establish a connection to the VoIP IETF standard.

SIP is an application layer control protocol, and for one or more participants to create, modify and terminate a session.

With the structure of HTTP SIP (client server protocol) is similar.

VoIP protocol, client request and send it to the server, the server processes the requests to the client sends a response.

The request and response to form a transaction. The media gateway control protocol (MGCP) is by Cisco and Telcordia proposed VoIP protocol, which defines the call control unit (call agent or the media gateway) and telephone gateway between communication service.

MGCP is a control protocol that allows IP phone gateway monitoring center console and event, and notify them to send the contents to the designated address.

In the MGCP structure, intelligent call control in the gateway and by external call control unit (call agent) to deal with.

At the same time the call control unit is synchronized with each other, send a consistent command to the gateway.

Media gateway control protocol (Megaco) is IETF and ITU-T (ITU-TH.248) the result of joint efforts.

Megaco / H.248 is a used to physically separate the multimedia gateway protocol unit control agreement, which can be from media in the transformation of separation of call control.

Megaco / H.248 for converting circuit switched voice based communication of packet flow media gateway (mg) and used to link between the service logic provided that the flow of media gateway controller.

Megaco / H.248 to inform the media gateway future self in a packet or cell data network data flow connected to a packet or cell data streams, such as real time transport protocol (RTP).

From the point of view of the relationship between VoIP protocol structure and the gateway control, Megaco / H.248 and MGCP in nature is quite similar, but Megaco / H.248 support wider networks, such as ATM.



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