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Network telephone is to use the Internet to make a phone call, this is mainly different from the traditional analog and digital phone. In the 1980s began to appear in the digital telephone is based on TDM (time division multiplexing technology) standard, the TDM is exclusive line to ensure the quality of transmission mode, need more network resources than the telephone network, but once the line is built on both sides of communication can be shared. From the transmission protocol level to ensure that the communication quality is reliable, unless the circuit physical layer. Network telephone first appeared in the 90 time, is the use of the Internet IP protocol to transmit voice, IP protocol is a shared, to transmit the communication protocol, so the user's voice communication is shared with other communication lines, so that the maximum use of bandwidth, with the deployment of flexible, can be used to get the advantages of the traditional TDM digital phone. The shortage is due to the use of other Internet applications such as browsing and downloading movies together with the network, sometimes it will affect the quality of the call, so the stability of the call quality than the traditional TDM standard phone number, but with the expansion of the Internet bandwidth and router control technology, this situation has been greatly improved than before.



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