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Born near Skype, you can get a hundred years telecom giant AT&; T One's mind is somewhat unhinged., foot visible telephone network!

In February 7th, according to new network phone manufacturer Fonality said, at just $7000000 in financing, Intel investment department is the main investors. According to the insiders, the financing scale is not large, but the Intel before this is the continued investment in new enterprises, and promote the development of wireless broadband technology Wi-Fi. This shows that, Intel saw the development prospect of VoIP technology in the small and medium-sized enterprise market.

Intel has generously funding to the emerging Internet phone manufacturers, because the company of the software needed to run on Intel's servers, so to enhance the Intel chip sales, and occupies a larger share in the market of small and medium enterprises.

In fact, the force VoIP is more than a Intel, there are a lot of IT giants of the piece of fat meat to expect to see someone who never comes, such as Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft etc., they all want to penetrate to the small and medium enterprises. In order to compete for the market, strike first to gain the initiative, IT giants have accelerated their product launch speed, so that is in a better position.

Although the network telephone popular enterprise customers love, but its development in home users have been as a few, this is because it is influenced by the Internet access conditions. But with the popularity of Internet access at home, the problem will be changed.

IT giants of the dream

In 2006, chip giant Intel has become the most generous risk investment in emerging enterprises', in order to promote WiMax high speed wireless technology, the chip giant investment for this type of new business of $1000000000.

This year, Intel will support another communication technology -- network telephone.

According to foreign reports, recently, for the VoIP, chip giant Intel and other IT giants placed too much expectation, because they are from the small and medium-sized enterprise market saw a hope.

In February 7th, the emerging VoIP companies Fonality said in its $7000000 in financing activities, has been the first Intel's risk investment. Although the amount is not much, but it reveals the secret of Intel investment. Communication Technology 2007 Intel bullish undoubtedly is VoIP. Industry analysts said that, based on these emerging enterprises funded, chip giant computer chip and the Wi-Fi chip business will benefit from this.

Now, Intel is betting on network telephone body. Because the Fonality needs to run the phone software based on Intel's PC, which will no doubt improve Intel chip sales, help to occupy more market share of small and medium enterprises. Intel investment department senior investment officer said: "in the end, we need to small and medium-sized enterprises to digest more computing resources. Such as VoIP can pull this demand."

Whether emerging enterprises, telecom and IT giant or including Skype, Cisco, Nortel and Microsoft etc, are harder to penetrate the market, small and medium enterprises using VoIP. A telephone network CEO Chris Lyman said, the boundaries between the phone and computer becomes more and more fuzzy, computer is becoming part of the telephone system.

The chip giant dance

Network telephone is a huge piece of cake, some chip giant companies have to be unable to hide one's greed, such as TI, Infineon, Nigel systems ltd.. The market consulting company In-Stat offerred data shows, 2004, the global VoIP users was 10800000, and by 2009, that number is expected to increase to 50000000. Facing the huge market temptation, chip companies have to be eager for a fight, and introduce the corresponding chip is on the strength.

In February 7th, Internet phone service provider Jajah company released a new service for intelligent mobile phone. Now, users only need to login to the website, you can dial the telephone network does not need to download any software. Not long ago, intelligent mobile phone users must download special software installed on the mobile phone, can make cheap VoIP. This will give the mobile phone user convenience, but also help to intelligent mobile phone sales, is hoggish benefit people.

Of course, there must be Siemens and Intel, they cooperate in development based on open unified communications VoIP, cooperation will focus on wireless security, real-time communication and special application. In addition to jointly funded the research, the two sides will also plan to develop the two major market enterprise networks and network operators.

Also, internet call provider Vonag also launched a new device, the product is designed for business travelers development. The company has a small memory card, into the notebook computer can call VoIP. It has the features of easy operation, safety and other factors, it is most important to attract business customers.

Small and medium-sized enterprise market is a big cake

Some IT giants including Intel, people think, this year is the year of application of enterprise network phone, using VoIP speed will further accelerate.

In-Stat predicts, to 2010, American using VoIP services business people will increase from the current 400000 to 3000000, the size of the market will grow by nearly 10 times, revenue will reach $2000000000. The consulting company analyst David Lemlin pointed out, some companies produce network phone boxes and other equipment sales will be high.

What is to promote the growth of VoIP? No doubt, it is mainly to small business customer benefits, to help them save huge spending. Last year, is located in Portland City Property Management Association America



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