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From the industry perspective, "Network traffic communication" is the trend of globalization, and the VOIP phone network is the Internet and the best of traditional telephone network connection point. Call charges cheap VOIP phone network in the world with unlimited huge market demand, and it has gradually become the mainstream of modern information and communication network development. Not only is the international, VOIP phone itself, the wealth effect in the country has been gradually enlarged up, our country is the world's Internet users than any other country, the world's largest potential market for Internet telephony, so the face of a buyer's market dominant force domestic telephone network market, our local telephone company can be described as a variety of network spread all over the middle of course no shortage of internationally competitive giants and industry tycoon.

Looking at the domestic Internet telephony industry application market, the largest industrial users as the first brand, KC Internet phone has its own core technologies and world-class R & D team, can be based on the actual needs of the public telephone network real features and services development, and its VOIP Internet phone company's fastest-growing, user recognition and industry reputation is also the best.

Select the network from the user's phone industry characteristics corresponding brand watch, call quality and the corresponding tariff is still the primary consideration two key users, especially the former, KC Internet phone has been able to have a strong user stickiness, strong technical support under domestic devaluation audio bandwidth can be close to the human ear full HD voice quality, and this is a big key. Call charges in respect, KC Internet phone in addition to the computer desktop and mobile version of Apple's IOS dial calls can achieve 0.10 yuan / minute standard call charges for domestic calls, mobile phones KC Internet phone calls back all the way to make domestic phone and landline phone, its standard call charges only 0.15 yuan / minute.

Long-term focus on domestic Internet communications industry market analysis, said the nation's largest brand of KC Internet phone Internet phone service only many domestic enterprises part of its long-term and sustainable development of the power source in addition to the huge domestic market demand due to user-centric concept of operations, as well as its advantages of core technology and user accurate market positioning, the following factors may be equally important:

First, we build national broadband Internet has entered a rapid development in recent years the fast lane, ADSL, residential fiber, especially the new generation 3G wireless high-speed broadband universal process is accelerating the overall development of VOIP phone network and information into the fast lane of a lifetime Motorway.

Second, China's rapid economic and social development of various matters greatly increased the frequency of people interact with each other, on the one hand demand for phone calls to grow exponentially, the other business users and individual users are regular overwhelmed at high traditional telephone charges, especially long-distance telephone and mobile phone roaming charges in different places, and support low tariffs for calls and free calls KC Internet phone, allowing users to disregard the call and call duration, calling needs can best be met eventually, does make Many issues have been solved.

Third, VOIP phone itself, some common characteristics, but also the expansion of communication based on user needs, such as WiFi wireless network can be carried out anywhere other direct-dial calls, VoIP itself does have many of the traditional means of communication do not have the advantage, The majority of users are in need of such advantage.



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