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As one of Asia Pacific's leading telecommunications operators, Morning Telecom provides circuit voice services and stable  solutions to corporate customers.  We recognize the challenges and opportunities of today’s dynamic economy. Our commitment to provide our wholesale customers with reliable, high quality telecommunications via our continuously introduce the most advanced network technology networking technologies and euipments.


Our excellent Voice  Services and System  deliver a full-scale  of wholesale voice capabilities that can be tailored to increase flexibility for our wholesale customers. Morning Telecom's different level of routing  provides the foundation for a simplified purchase process to increase marketability through white labels offers. We would like to hard work with our customers together.Aslo  help them achieve profitability.


Corporate Offices has multiple office locations around the world. Currently, each office uses its own PBX system and 
interoffice phone calls are routed through the PSTN and charged long distance and international rates by carriers. 
Corporate Offices also employs workers who work on Clint places or on traveling. Those workers get reimbursed for 
telecommunication expenses they incur while performing their duties. The company is currently exploring alternatives 
to consolidate its telecommunication systems and reduce costs.



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